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Stream Highlights #9 – SAT & ACT Study Session

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Stream Highlights #9 – SAT & ACT Study Session

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Here are highlights from the Reason Prep Livestream #9 – SAT/ACT Study Session:

0:00 Do you offer a specialized study plan with tutoring?
1:44 How to go from 780 to 800 Math – any tips?
4:36 Is it a good idea to redo questions I’ve done before?
6:11 Resources for improving on ACT Science
7:44 Tips for graph & figure questions (ACT Science)
9:36 Should I study vocabulary in the short term?
10:21 When is “his or her” correct? (Grammar)
14:14 Tips for rhetorical skills questions in SAT Writing/ACT English
16:25 What to do if your scores stop improving
18:23 How do I finish the ACT Science test – I’m rushed for time
22:06 Big SAT/ACT Study Mistake – doing too many practice tests
25:22 Is there a limit to self-studying?
26:29 How to review ACT Science (or any) practice tests
29:17 Daily study schedule for ACT (applies to SAT as well) — Past livestreams.

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