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Silicon Valley Paying Millions for Grads With These Math Skills


Silicon Valley Paying Millions for Grads With These Math Skills


Today I read an interesting article about the very large salaries tech companies are offering for certain math-based skills.  After reading this you’ll wish you’d paid more attention in your math classes!  Can you believe it!

It was all in reference to this article over on the New York Times

“Tech’s biggest companies are placing huge bets on artificial intelligence, banking on    things ranging from face-scanning smartphones and conversational coffee-table gadgets to computerized health care and autonomous vehicles. As they chase this future, they are doling out salaries that are startling even in an industry that has never been shy about lavishing a fortune on its top talent.

Typical A.I. specialists, including both Ph.D.s fresh out of school and people with less education and just a few years of experience, can be paid from $300,000 to $500,000 a year or more in salary and company stock, according to nine people who work for major tech companies or have entertained job offers from them. All of them requested anonymity because they did not want to damage their professional prospects.”

The author goes on to say:

“The cutting edge of artificial intelligence research is based on a set of mathematical techniques called deep neural networks. These networks are mathematical algorithms that can learn tasks on their own by analyzing data. By looking for patterns in millions of dog photos, for example, a neural network can learn to recognize a dog. This mathematical idea dates back to the 1950s, but it remained on the fringes of academia and industry until about five years ago.”

Check out the full New York Times‘ post over at:  Also, if you are successful in landing one of these hot jobs in Silicon Valley, then be sure to grab this book to navigate your way around Silicon Valley:  Geek Silicon Valley: The Inside Guide To Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Francisco.











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