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MathQED: Online Math Study Buddy Math Homework Help (K-12 & College)


MathQED: Online Math Study Buddy Math Homework Help (K-12 & College)


After its success in founding an online math edutainment social network, Phatmath, Inc. announced the launch of MathQED – a website dedicated to assisting math students worldwide.  In response to the rise in international numeric illiteracy, MathQED was developed to assist math students in grades K-12 and College.  Essentially, MathQED offers math homework help and test prep in 1 click!


MathQED provides student-teacher interaction via online forums, chat rooms and cooperative problem solving.  Students can ask or answer questions, assist other students, and solve challenging problems.  MathQED offers special interest forums for those searching for internships and job opportunities, educational grants and loans, scholarships, career coaches, certified tutors, math buddies, math coaches, role models and interesting news stories.  Students will also find tips to prepare for exams, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT exams.


More details on MathQED’s products and services may be found on this press release and on the youtube video below.


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