Use Math To Make Extra Money Online With Little Risks —- How To Invest Your Money Like The Rich Do

Colleagues, we have decided to share with you a simple beginner’s guide to investing in stocks and options. This guide is easy enough for people of most ages to understand —- from teenagers to senior citizens!

You can use this guide as a solo new investor. However, we highly recommend you work with a friend, colleague, family member or in an investment club.

If you are looking forward to investing in the stock and options markets, but not sure about the whereabouts of profit from stocks and options, then our book will be a savior for you!

Watch what people are saying about our newly published book A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street written by Iris Mack and some of her former graduate students.



In our new book we show investors on Main Street how to make money by renting their stocks! That’s right! Investors can actually “rent” stocks in their portfolios by trading covered call options. This conservative investment strategy allows investors to generate extra cash flow in their portfolios. The covered call options strategy is so safe, it is suitable for most retirement accounts.

This book is dedicated to everyone on Main Streets all around the globe!


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November 4, 2017

A Wall Street Bailout For Main Street ----- Wall Street vs. Main Street - What's Next?

November 4, 2017

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