The highest-paying tech jobs in U.S. right now

Business Insider reports the following very interesting data on jobs in the competitive high technology industry:

As a new report from job site Glassdoor shows, employers are willing to pay a premium for in-demand tech workers.

Based on salary reports shared by employees with these jobs on Glassdoor last year, here are the 10 highest-paying jobs in the US and the number of job openings in early 2017.


According to Glassdoor, the top 10 highest-paying tech jobs in the U.S. in 2017 are:

1.  Applications Development Manager  (2016 Median Wage = $112,045)

2.  Software Engineering Manager  (2016 Median Wage = $109,350)

3.  Information-technology (IT) architect (2016 Median Wage = $105,303)

4.  Software Architect (2016 Median Wage = $104,754)

5.  Solutions Architect (2016 Median Wage = $102,678)

6.  Data Architect (2016 Median Wage = $102,091)

7.  IT Program Manager (2016 Median Wage = $98,883)

8.  User Experience Manager (2016 Median Wage = $98,353)

9.  Systems Architect (2016 Median Wage = $97,873)

10.  Scrum Master (2016 Median Wage = $95,167)


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